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Supernatural Mango

by Alien Tango

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released February 3, 2016

Written and composed by Aitite.
Synths, keyboards, pianos, guitars, ukelele, bass guitars, vocals, guttural sounds, drums, tambourine, castanets, egg shakers, kazoo, accordion, sitars, the evil instrument, sampling, programming and collaging by Aitite.

With a little help:
Rhythm guitar in Dancing in the Void by Guardabosques.
Sax in I Don't Wanna Die by P. Sax.
Special midi touch in Happy Family by Oso Peligro.
Some vocals in Honey by Honey.
Narrated voice in Dancing in the Void by a Neighbour.

Recorded in various bedrooms along Murcia and Valencia.
Mixed in Music Rooms by Carlos Ortigosa.
Mastered in Kadifornia Mastering by Mario G. Alberni.

Cover art by Pilar Serrano and Daniel Ballesta.
Concept by Aitite.
Graphic design by Daniel Ballesta.

Special thanks to my family, Oso Peligro, Pilar, Gloria, Ballesta, Toni, Paquico, Joaquinico, Joe Kashmir, Alex Vidal, Julio Fuertes, Carlos Ortigosa, Juanma Pastor, David Borrás, the FBI, and Honey.

80% of this EP was recorded without underwear.




Alien Tango London, UK

I'm not an alien and I haven't any clue of how does tango sound ayy lmao

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Track Name: Happy Family
I used to be dead
since you left me lying in bed
roses were no longer red
violets were instead

But I found a way
to keep the emptiness away
I only have to pray
with the Happy Family

If you wanna save your soul
suscribe to our resort
don't be afraid to pay so much
salvation is worth

Happy Family
10 bucks to be free

oh here's again the...
Track Name: Honey
Honey, I love you like horses love
sugar, I love you like bees love
honey, I love you like horses love
sugar, I know I don't have much
money, but honey, I you want me to bring you some
sugar, I'll rob a truck full of
honey, so we can make a sweetie
pie, and I hope you'll never ever
cry, even if I ever say
goodbye, I'll always come back to

Baby, I love you more than I love
lasers, and if we ever had a
baby, I'd build a house on the
moon, where we could see the
dawn, and get our minds
blown, cause the dark side is full of
honey, and sugar we won't need more
money, but I hope you'll never ever
cry, even if I ever say
goodbye, I'll always come back to
Track Name: Dancing in the Void
Where did I just wake up
I don't remember coming here
seems like a picture of an old scene
but something changed, I don't know why

(Hey little country boy, move your human limbs, enjoy!)
Oh no! Such a strange proposition
multicolor alien creatures that surround me in such a lightful place
down in a wave, in outer space

It's always close to midnight
dancing in the void
right into a black hole
will you just float still tonight?

I was raised in a farm
I've never been in love
my leg starts to move as I stare at you, girl
if you don't come I'll have to try

Girl step aside, I can make your clothes ignite
I'm a supersonic dancing Harlequin
No one can stop me now, even me cause there's no gravity
floating away, through the galaxy

It's always close to midnight
dancing in the void
right in to a black hole
will you love me one more time tonight?

(I was trying to settle things down, you know, before all this black hole thing, but I never realized how beautiful could be such an interstellar holocaust before, I was born in the countryside too… look, I'm not the kind of girl who gets emotional just before getting sucked by a giant supernova, or whatever but, you know, I think we could have made it together, I really do)
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Die
Cold shivers going down my spine
I don't think I'm ready to die die die die
after breakfast I'm not feeling fine
but real men ain't meant to cry
oh girl won't you believe me this time?
I can't be wrong, I have pustules on my tongue
I am strong but I'm not longer...

Yippee! now I have no pain
the doctor told me they're only stains
sorry sugar if I overreact a bit
we can go surfing again, two, three, four

pa-pa-pa-pa-pandemic alert

I'm gonna die and so do you
and everybody you ever knew
that cheater asshole in the queue
uncle Billy and little Sue
so without further ado
let's drink a bottle of shampoo
cuz were' all gonna die...

Baby I'm not gonna lie
clams are smelling funny
thrown them away, I don't wanna die!

Absurd ways to die
surround me every time
chocked on a pea or sniffed some plumb yeah
but baby I'm stronger
I'm grasping to life
like an ape flying the sky in an uncontrolled jet pack

My brother was a sailor
I never saw him cry
but I can't take all this pressure
(mother, I don't think I'm actually going to, you know,
live that long)
I don't wanna die